So, how are we being judged? Here’s the nitty gritty:

Point System

Your workplace is categorized based on sector and total number of employees across the entire organization. You win by having the highest point total in your sector and size category—that’s how we’re able to have so many winners!

  • Each rider will have their points totaled throughout the week as they log their rides.
  • The points will then be totaled per individual.
  • To get the team’s overall score, the totals from each participant on the team will be compiled into one grand total.
  • The team with the most points at the end of the challenge will be deemed winner of their size category.

Breakdown of how to earn points

New Rider = 25 points (be sure to check the new rider box during registration!)
1 Mile = 1 point (receive one point for each mile you ride)
Per Trip = 5 points (max of 10 points per day - to and from work)
5 Days = 50 points (must be 5 consecutive trips)

For bragging rights, we will also calculate the Employee Participation Percentage (average of points per employee), similar to last year. Employee Participation Percentage = total company points \ total number of employees. (This will be for your own reference/internal showing off) and will NOT play a part in the ranking for prizes.)

Total Company Points = every employee registered for the Bike to Work Challenge, under one workplace, that completes at least one bike commute (as well as the other point earning actions above) from June 14-28, 2019.

Having multiple teams registered under one company doesn’t affect your overall rating, so don’t get mad if another department wants to split off. Everyone registered for any team under your workplace will be counted toward your Total Company Points. Teams and individuals can compete among themselves, inside or outside a workplace, by utilizing the "Challenge" feature.

2019 Bike to Work Challenge Award Tiers

Your organization wins by having the highest Overall Employee Point Total in its tier